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Client Success Stories...


"Dr. Hoppins is amazing, and I am so glad I found Seattle Naturopathic Clinic. I was diagnosed with a health condition when I was a teenager, and spent many years with different doctors who were trying to find “the right medication.” When I came to Dr. Hoppins, I was a graduate student. She was able to analyze my symptoms and figure out the underlying causes. I am happy to say that I have not had a relapse of symptoms in the five years since meeting Dr. Hoppins and being properly diagnosed. For me, this is an unprecedented outcome; it allowed me to successfully finish my graduate program. Dr. Hoppins is approachable, friendly, and helpful. She takes the time to gather a lot of data and analyze extensive lab work.  She investigated every aspect of my condition and took the time to explain the treatment plan clearly. I feel comfortable asking questions. My quality of life has improved and I understand my healthcare regimen." 


"Four years ago, I woke up and sat up to see the world spinning. I stumbled out of bed to the bathroom to throw up.  Never before had I felt this kind of dizziness which made me unable to function and caused me to have to cancel a trip to Australia. I received several prescriptions of medication for dizziness from urgent care, none of which had any effect.  A doctor there said "You have vertigo and you should see an ENT doctor.” Physical therapy helped somewhat but finally, I saw Dr. Hoppins who identified and treated the underlying chronic problem and I have not had one episode of vertigo since. "

"I went to Dr. Hoppins after hearing about a blood screening she offered that identifies foods you’re sensitive to.  I didn’t have a specific complaint, but I had lost 30 lbs. on an anti-inflammatory diet and was starting to grasp the healing power of good food. When the results came back, there were 12 foods on the my list to avoid. These dietary limitations pushed me to explore new foods I’m grateful to have found. Dr. Hoppins predicted the dietary change could also resolve my asthma and acid reflux. I’ve had asthma since I was a kid, and the acid reflux for decades, so I was skeptical – but she was right. The dietary changes, along with some gut-healing supplements and a morning neti pot, have cured my asthma and acid reflux. I no longer take Prilosec or use my inhalers. I’m breathing through my nose consistently for the first time in my life. I lost another ten pounds and feel good in my body. Thank you, Dr. Hoppins!"




"Dr. Hoppins was the quarterback in helping to keep my husband strong enough to get through a deadly staph infection he acquired in the hospital. Her research and supplementation is why my husband survived 3 hip surgeries in 6 weeks and mega doses

of antibiotics.  Thank you for your dedication to him."

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