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Hormone imbalance

PMS? Heavy or painful periods? Irregular periods? Monthly migraines?  PMS acne? Inexplicably moody and irritable? Sad for no reason a few days or few weeks a month?  You may have hormonal imbalances, and it may not be the hormones you think it is!

Fatigue and Insomnia

Always tired? Never feel rested despite

lots of sleep? Can't focus? Always cranky? You may be suffering from Chronic

fatigue syndrome. We can help find the cause and get you back to living your life instead of dragging through it.  Can't fall asleep? Can't stay asleep? Night sweats?  Heart pounds at night or have brain chatter during the night?  Get that fixed here.



Hot flashes? Night sweats? Can't stay asleep? Brain fog and memory problems?  These are typical menopause and perimenopause symptoms- but did you know this happens to men, children and young adults too? Come in and learn why and what to do about it. 

Chronic Infections

Always sick with a sinus infection? More than one cold during winters? Get the flu more than once every few years? Too

many urinary tract infections? Cold sores? Canker sores? Yeast infections? Constant sore throat? Staph and MRSA skin infections?  You may have some immune dysfunction.  Find out how to get your immune system working right again. 


Heavy and painful periods? Enlarged uterus? Told a hysterectomy is your only option? There are natural options for reducing the size and symptoms of

fibroids for many women, but don't

wait! They can get too big for treatment that might have worked well a couple

years prior.

Muscles always hurt like you've over

trained or started a new hard workout?  Hugs or gentle touch to your muscles hurt?  Trouble getting and staying asleep? Frequent migraines?  This might be fibromyalgia

and it's not in your head, so maybe that's why the antidepressants don't work very well for you.


Extremely painful periods with back pain or labor-like cramping? You may have Endometriosis or Adenomyosis. Maybe 

you already have a diagnosis of endo but not getting any relief from painkillers or birth control. There is help here for you.


Always nervous for no reason?  Anxiety or panic comes out of the blue or when you're relaxing? Wake with panic attacks or heart pounding in the night?  Just can't get over a recent stressor or trauma?  Dealing with grief?  New medication making you feel physically anxious? There are natural options for symptoms of anxiety, and no, it's not just in your head. 

Crohn's Disease

Abdominal pain, cramping, diarrhea and bleeding? There is very effective natural and non-steroidal treatment for Crohn's, Ulcerative colitis, Diverticulitis and plain old irritable bowel syndrome.


Sad for no reason? Sad too long for a good reason?  Experiencing postpartum depression and fatigue? Low moods because of the weather, stressors or just "blah" most of the month? Not interested in things you once enjoyed? No motivation? Increased appetite? Decreased appetite? Depressed just when you're tired?  We can help, fast!

Food Allergies

Always bloated? Chronic stomachaches and digestive trouble? Chronic headaches? Skin conditions? Insomnia? Fatigue? Generalized pain? Autoimmune conditions?  Depression? Anxiety? Dark circles under the eyes? Heartburn? You know food is causing you trouble but can't figure out which ones?  Chronic sinus congestion? Seasonal allergies but they last ALL YEAR? Asthma? Frequent infections? Palpitations? Feel so much better on a cleanse diet but go back to feeling bad at the end of it? These are common food allergy or food sensitivity symptoms. 

Prediabetes and Diabetes

Told you are Prediabetic even though you don't really eat many carbs and exercise regularly?  Type 2 diabetic?  Type 1 diabetic? On Insulin or Metformin and glucose is still out of control? On an insulin pump?  Did you know that zero carb foods can skyrocket your blood sugar? It's probably not going to come down doing things the way you've been told it will... Come find out how get your A1c down, maybe even to normal and how to significantly reduce your insulin usage.


Female over 50? On steroid medications for pain, autoimmune disease or asthma? On thyroid medication? Lots of bone fractures or fracture too easily?  You may have or be at risk of osteoporosis.  Find out how to reduce your fracture risk while maintaining low heart attack and stroke risk. 

Seasonal Allergies

Always stuffy and congested? Constantly clearing your throat or have a runny rose? Constant cough? Can't breathe through your nose when you lay down at night? Always get a sinus infection with seasonal changes ON TOP of your allergies? Are your "seasonal" allergies bothering you all year and your allergy medication not working?  Learn how to control that here.

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