Flu/Cold Season and Naturopathy

Colds and flus are common during the darker, colder months because of the increased amount of time spent indoors around people, this is why the flu tends to get passed around easily in schools and workplaces.

"The Flu" usually starts with profound tiredness, chills and/or a slight sore throat. It is characterized by fever, chills, fatigue, aches and pains, headache, sore throat and sometimes cough, runny nose, nausea and diarrhea. Pneumonia can develop in certain people so it is important to get treatment to avoid complications.

Symptoms can last for several days and sometimes stretch out for a week or more of miserable, tired, painful long days.

Influenza is a virus and can sometimes be difficult for individuals to distinguish from strep throat, a bacterial infection. Antibiotics are often prescribed by conventional physicians for respiratory viral infections, even though antibiotics are meant for bacteria, not viruses which needlessly contributes to the ever-increasing bacterial resistance to antibiotics.

What we can do:

We provide natural treatment targeted specifically for viral flu symptoms to help you get over the flu quickly and completely so you can get back at work and school with as few missed days as possible. We take a comprehensive approach to flu treatment: we treat the symptoms, provide antiviral support, and help the body push out the infection naturally without suppressing the body's innate immune response.

Let the flu stop with you-

Call for an appointment - some same day appointments may be available - as soon as you feel these symptoms coming on and plan to stay home from work or school for one day.